ET 2 ET The Extraterrestrial 2

ET The Extraterrestrial is a Hollywood movie directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. This film was released on 11 June 1982 in theaters. ET The Extraterrestrial 2 or ET 2 is the sequel movie, which follows chronologically after the first ET motion picture with the new adventures of Elliott and ET.

The Story of ET and Elliott

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Details About ET 2 or ET The Extraterrestrial 2

ET The Extraterrestrial 2 (ET 2 Sequel Movie Film Ideas)

Development of the ET The Extraterrestrial 2 Movie E.T. 2: By the end of 1982, the original ET The Extraterrestrial film was the most lucrative motion picture of all time created on a budget of around $ 10 million U.S. dollars. Universal Studios owns the intellectual property rights to ET The Extraterrestrial and immediately wanted to develop a second adventure based in the reality of the ET The Extraterrestrial universe.

ET The Extraterrestrial However, director Steven Spielberg was at first reluctant to continue the story to his most personal film. After intense pressure from Universal Studios, Steven Spielberg allowed Universal Studios to hire various screenwriters to work out a continuation of the ET The Extraterrestrial plot.

Story Premise Behind ET The Extraterrestrial 2 ET 2: The basic idea for the ET The Extraterrestrial 2 movie was for the ET alien to return to Earth a few years after the conclusion of the first ET The Extraterrestrial film. Several script writers proposed different concepts, which involved ET saving Earth from an invasion by a hostile species of extraterrestrials, ET helping Earth avoid ecological disaster or ET leading to the disclosure to the citizens of Earth that alien entities are in fact real.

For reasons Steven Spielberg has never explained, none of these plot proposals were acceptable to Steven Spielberg. The creative development of ET The Extraterrestrial 2 became even more frustrating and time consuming than the nearly two decades it took for Steven Spielberg to finish Indiana Jones 4 and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Year after countless year passed and Universal Studios made no progress in getting ET The Extraterrestrial 2 filmed. After about ten years after the 1982 theatrical release of the ET The Extraterrestrial film, the basic idea for the sequel had to change because Henry Thomas, the actor who played the role of Elliott in the first ET The Extraterrestrial film, was no longer a child. Steven Spielberg refused to re-cast the Elliott character with a younger actor. Subsequent story ideas featured ET returning to Earth after many years when Elliott was an adult.

ET The Extraterrestrial Eventually Universal Studios abandoned any hopes of producing ET The Extraterrestrial 2 E.T. 2. Universal Studios was reluctant to continue the story without the approval and involvement of Steven Spielberg. For 2002 (the 20th anniversary of the cinematic release of ET The Extraterrestrial), Universal Studios re-issued a special edition version of ET the Extraterrestrial to cineplexes around the world.

Apparently, this is the closest Universal Studios will ever get to having ET The Extraterrestrial 2 in theaters because Steven Spielberg currently has no interest in continuing the ET The Extraterrestrial movie franchise. The next film based on ET The Extraterrestrial won't likely occur until after ET The Extraterrestrial enters the public domain.

ET 2 Box Office Gross Potential of ET The Extraterrestrial 2: $ 450 million U.S. dollars in North America + $ 650 million U.S. dollars overseas internationally = $ 1.1 billion U.S. dollars total worldwide box office earnings

ET The Extraterrestrial Info and Plot Spoilers

Official ET The Extraterrestrial 2 ET 2 Extra-Terrestrial 2 Extraterrestrials
Official E.T. 2 Extra Terrestrial Steven Spielberg et 2 New Film Movie Sequel The Return

ET The Extraterrestrial Movie Director: Steven Spielberg

Screen Writer: Melissa Mathison

Cast of Actors and Characters: Actor Henry Thomas as Elliott, ET as itself, Actor Dee Wallace as Mary, Actor Robert MacNaughton as Michael, Actor Drew Barrymore as Gertie and Actor Peter Coyote as Keys The U.S. Government agent

Box Office Gross: $ 435 million U.S. dollars in North America + $ 357 million U.S. dollars overseas internationally = $ 793 million U.S. dollars worldwide box office gross earnings

Inflation Adjusted Box Office Earnings: $ 1 billion U.S. dollars in North America + $ 820 million U.S. dollars overseas internationally = $ 1.82 billion U.S. dollars worldwide box office gross revenues

Plot Script Spoilers: An extraterrestrial creature is left behind by its star ship when U.S. Government agents raid the area where the alien beings are conducting research on Earth. ET hides from the U.S. Government and is befriended by a young boy named Elliott. ET learns to speak English by watching TV.

Then ET desires to return home and tells Elliott of this mission. ET builds an interstellar communications device from ordinary household items. Next, ET's children friends take ET to a forest area where the communications apparatus is turned on to make contact with the star ship that left ET behind.

ET The Extraterrestrial Eventually, ET becomes sick and it appears ET might die. Meanwhile, the U.S. Government is conducting surveillance in the local neighborhoods trying to find where the alien entity is hiding. U.S. Government agents eavesdrop on Elliott and Michael discussing their extraterrestrial visitor.

The U.S. Government raids Elliott's home, envelops the house in protective plastics and capture ET. While the U.S. Government is securing the area, ET appears to have died. The U.S. Government places ET into a cryogenic chamber. Elliott sees ET's dead body, but discovers that ET is not really dead. ET is resurrected and Elliott creates a plan to enable ET to escape from the U.S. Government.

Elliott and Michael flee their home with ET in a U.S. Government van. They meet up with their friends, who are waiting for them with bicycles. ET rides in the front of Elliott's bicycle in a basket. The U.S. Government pursues the children on their bikes. The U.S. Government appears to have the children and ET surrounded with no means of escape. However, ET reveals more supernatural abilities by using ET's telekinetic powers to make the children and their bicycles fly in the air. Thereby, escaping from the U.S. Government at the last possible second.

ET The Extraterrestrial Film Ending Spoilers: The ET The Extraterrestrial movie ends with the children and their bikes flying through the air to deep inside the forest. ET's alien friends arrive in their star ship. ET asks Elliott to go with ET to the stars, but Elliott decides to remain on Earth. Elliott, his friends, his mother and the U.S. Government agent called Keys watch as ET enters the star ship and departs into the great unknown mystery of infinite space.

Box Office Results of ET The Extraterrestrial: By the end of its first theatrical release, ET The Extraterrestrial surpassed Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope to become the most financially successful motion picture in history.

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Movie Director Steven Spielberg

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